My June 2012

While May felt so slow, June feels like happening in a blink of an eye, and it is suddenly July already.. Wow, we’re now on the second part of 2012.. Time surely flies..

So, what happened on your June? My June was absolutely great :).. Here’s the recap:

1. Decke’s birthday on June 6th
My youngest sister turned 18 this day.. It’s surely was something to celebrate 🙂

2. Decke’s Graduation
Another merry occasion for Decke as she finally graduated from high school, and is ready to enter a much brighter world called the university life :).. I accompanied my Dad to the ceremony, and I couldn’t feel nothing but proud for my sister.

3. Gntong’s New Job
My one and only partner in crime nailed an interview for lecturer position in one private uni in West Jakarta.. I actually submitted the application through his Jobstreet account, so you can say that I’m allowed to get some credit for his achievement.. Hehehe.. Been knowing that teaching is his longtime passion, I feel extremely happy for him and this great news..

4. Two Annual Events to Attend
There were Festival Komputer Indonesia and Jakarta Book Fair took place this month.. It’s been like a tradition for my boyfriend and I to come visit these events, and this year is no different.. Had a lot of fun when visiting..

5. Money in the Pocket
The saying of “rezeki udah ada yang atur” can’t be more true in my case.. Allah’s been super kind to me.. Alhamdulillah..

6. Work = second home
Feeling nothing but grateful that Allah made it possible for me to land in Wise-Concetti, where I can do the job that I actually really like, and meet some people that are way more than kind and fun..

Now that July is finally here, I wish for much more merrier things to happen to me.. All in all, life i about celebrating, isn’t it?

Cheers :*


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