So little time, so much to do..

I’ve been hell busy working since this morning.. I know this should be a holiday season, long-weekend, libur nasional, or whatever people may call it, but for me it’s a non-stop-working-on-translation-work-day.. I still have hundreds pages to translate from the translation project I signed with one publisher..

This translation project is really driving me crazy, because the book is political-themed.. My job is translating some chapters of the book.. Bahasanya itu lhoo, dewa banget.. I love it, anyway.. I need to go some research on the internet to make sure that I use the correct term, because it contains some references on Indonesian law.. It feels like learning new things, and I love it.. I should be grateful for the project..

I need to finish this work as soon as I can, because I’m starting working on a new place a week from now.. Though the deadline is still on May 2012, I think I’ll have less time to work on this translation than I have now, because I’m gonna be tied to office hour, right? Here I am, planning to spend this long weekend translating as many pages as I can..

Oh, by the way, I also need to hand in the lesson plan I’ve been working on to Pak Wahyu, my supervisor in another publisher I’m currently working part-time.. Yeah, I need the money too.. Let alone taking care of the NPWP, one of the requirements from the company that I’m gonna start working on.. I guess next week will be a busy week.. Fiuuh, so little time so much to do..

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