So, here’s the recap.. My boyfriend and I went to Bandung this week.. A quick, short 3 days of vacation, but is absolutely what we needed 2 get away from workloads.. Hehehe.. What makes it memorable is that it was just the two of us, completely explored new things.. And my boyfie was beyond amazing, he took care of me :)..

Here are some things I really LOVE about our trip:

1. The Hotel
We stayed at Pop Hotel in Festival Citylink.. It’s located on Jl. Peta.. It took an hour or so for us to get there from Cihampelas because we were not familiar with the transportation system (read: the angkot), but it was worth it because this hotel is simply adorable.. Quite small but nice :).. And it is integrated with a mall too, another reason to make your stay more fun..

2. Paskal Foodmart
You must visit the place that is located on Paskal Hypersquare, Pasir Kaliki when you go to Bandung.. It will be even better to go there at night.. You’ll love the ambience.. And we LOVE the foods too.. Nyam2.. Thanks to the taxi driver who suggested us to go there :)..

3. Foodcourt Festival Citylink
Again, I love the concept of the foodcourt.. I like the foods too.. My boyfriend and I had a dinner in the second day of our stay, and again on the day after that before heading back to Depok..

4. Kawah putih and Situ Patengan
We hate how supir angkot took the chance to get as much money as they can from the tourist, but all in all, we love the places.. Really relaxing, and Kawah putih is breathtakingly beautiful..

Well, one post is not enough to tell our story in Bandung, so I think I’ll write a series of writing abour our trip there.. Just wait 🙂


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