Perfect Guy? Hmm, let’s see..

Parents often said, find a spouse who can love your parents as his own parents, who can love your siblings as his own siblings.. That sentence kinda stuck in my head.. I’m fortunate that in my case, applying the sentence in real life is pretty easy.. Hehehe..

Thanks to my boyfriend, who happens to be an amazing future son-in-law, it takes not much effort to make my parents love him as their real son.. He’s being really great since the very beginning. I took him to my home a month after we’re dating.. Didn’t officially introduce him as a boyfriend though, but all my relatives noticed that he’s my boyfriend.. Hihihi..

He was genuinely friendly, greeted all my families the way a well-mannered man should do.. And my mom cooked for him in their first meeting.. How unusual :p.. My aunt guessed from the first time she met him that he’s a smart boy.. I don’t know.. Judging from his glasses, perhaps.. Hehehe..

My father didn’t initially like him.. Well, it’s normal for an over-protective dad like he is.. He will resent every guy who dates his daughters.. But my mom constantly reminded him that there would time where he would eventually hand in his daughters to other guys.. At least with my boyfriend my mom knows that I’m in the right hand.. My mom always asked my boyfriend to keep an eye on me whenever I’m outside home, snowing that I can be so careless sometimes.. And during all these years, he perform amazingly as a guardian :).. And my dad accepted him eventually :p..

Having no son of her own, my mom always hope that she will get a son-in-law who’s skilled in craftsmanship.. And my boyfriend never fails to show that he’s that kind of guy :p.. He’s also a hard-worker.. Having earned his own money since he was at school.. No only is skilled and is a hard-worker, my boyfriend is also smart.. He was my little sister’s private tutor for math and sciences for 2 years, and during that time her performance at school increased..

Aside from being her tutor, he also acts as her big brother, someone who my sister doesn’t have.. When she has a secret to tell, she goes to him, not to me.. She shares about almost everything, be it about boyfriend, friends, or grades.. When she needs a partner in crime, she leans on him.. My sisters once said that they’re sure he’s gonna be a cool brother-in-law :), for he’s all fun and funny, and so on

For Gntong, being lovable is not difficult.. My families LOVE him in the way they will love a son of their own.. I’m super grateful that I’m in a relationship with this guy, because he’s genuinely lovely, purely trustworthy, and does make it unbelievably hard to try finding his flaws.. Trust me, a guy like this does exist :D..

Keep being who you are and what you are now, dear.. You know you’re one in a million :)..

Gntong&Decke 🙂



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