Afternoon Date..

I had an afternoon date with my boyfriend yesterday.. Hehehe.. I got my leave from office, so I decided to give myself a treat, to have fun :).. Without planning further, like I usually normally do, I decided to go to the cinema and watch Sherlock Holmes..

We went to Margo City.. We visited Giant first, bought some snacks, ran to the cinema to buy tickets (the line was pretty long), then went to Ramen One to have a lunch.. The foods were nice and satisfying.. I mean, they’re worth the prices.. Hehehe.. As usual, my boyfriend tried “unusual” drink, some kind with slices of lime and mint.. Surprisingly fresh, though :p..

Gntong's drink

Di Ramen One

The tickets said the movie started at 13.30, and we finished eating at 13.25.. So we decided to walk fast, because we don’t like entering the cinema when the movies is already begun.. Fortunately, we were not late :).. This kind of movie is not my cup tea, actually, since I’m not into action movie, but I must say Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is worth your money.. It’s wonderful.. The special effects were marvelous, the story was well-told, the comedy was purely hilarious, and the stars were, well what more can I say, brilliant.. Call me exaggerating, but I give the movie five stars out of five.. It’s highly recommended..

I couldn’t stop smiling during the movie.. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole afternoon (and evening).. It’s simply a perfect date :)..

Di Margo Platinum


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