First Day of Working

So here’s the thing.. Earlier this week felt like my very first day of working.. Yeah, it was my first day of “working in my new workplace”, but really felt like “my first day of working, ever”.. Hehehe.. I felt the same excitement and nervousness I felt when I first stepped my feet in my current office.. When I sat in my chair, my heart beat really fast due to an excitement.. Hahaha..

For you who hasn’t known, I’m currently still working in my old office, but I get another opportunity to work as a freelance corrector in another workplace.. And I’m resigning from my old office real soon.. So earlier this week, I came to my new workplace, one of the biggest publishers in this country, along with its long history..

This company has a large building complex, and maybe thousands of employees.. I’m amazed by the number of people I met there.. Completely different from my office, who only has 5 staffs.. Hehehe.. My division has maybe 20 staffs, with different responsibilities.. Everybody finish their own tasks.. It’s really professional.. I finished one project, which basically was just correcting ONE book, and I got paid IDR 1,000,000 for that.. It’s half of my current salary, and I got it by finishing one book only.. A job which was a piece of cake for me.. And they paid me on time.. This fact shocked me..

On my way home, my boyfriend and I talked about the amazing facts I saw there, and he said that that was the way an office should be run.. One word, PROFESSIONAL.. I learned a lot in one day, and I wish for more precious lessons to come.. I hope this job is the right one or me :)..


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