Where Will I Be Ten Years From Now?

Call me a dreamer, but I can really see myself sitting in the classroom in grad school, studying so hard that I keep wondering what the hell I put myself into, but at the same time enjoying its every bit of pain because I’ve been loving going to school since I can remember..

Life will be unbearably difficult sometimes since I struggle as hell to balance my life as being a wife and a mother of one daughter on one side and a career woman on the other side.. My daughter, who starts her elementary school this year, excels in academic, enjoys eating and snacking like her parents, and plays piano occasionally :).. She’s unbelievably stubborn and adventurous at the same time..

It’s not perfect, my life, but I am as happy as I can be.. Marriage life is not a happily-ever-after fairy tale.. My husband and I have a fight or two every once in while, but I get the best man that every girl can wish for as a husband.. He is pretty annoying and sloppy sometimes, but is considerably awesome, undeniably smart, and undoubtedly reliable most the time.. And I love him in very, very big way of loving..

Money is strict because I save so hard to assure that my daughter will get the best education that her parents can provide her.. I live in “a concrete jungle where dreams are made of” Jakarta, in a pretty small home (because the price of house are hell expensive).. Or maybe I live in other cities, say Bandung or Jogja..

There are times when I cry because I feel like I have too many things to be taken care of, but I will realize that the feeling actually comes from my unstoppable desire to bite off more than I can chew.. Quoting Meredith Grey, “Why do I keep hitting my head with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop”.

One things for sure, I am grateful for every single thing I have at that moment.. I’m fully aware that life is series of choices.. I won’t stop dreaming, I won’t stop making targets, and I won’t stop busting my ass so hard to make it happen :)…


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