Okay people, easy, I know that New Year is still two weeks from now.. Yet it will do you no harm to make a new year resolution now, will it? Hehehehe..

So after a long time of contemplation *bleeh, I’m exaggerating* , here are the things I wish to achieve in 2012:

1. A Healthy Body

This means a better stamina, a lower cholesterol level, and hopefully a cured sinusitis.. Yeah, they come with exercises, I know.. Will spare at least one day a week to exercise..

2. A Better Understanding in Religion

This is always be on my resolution list every year.. It should be, shouldn’t it? I plan to never skip any pray, read the Holy Quran more often everyday, and feed my brain with good readings about Islam..

3. A Stable, Stronger Relationship With My Boyfriend

I feel like we’re going stronger every year, with us growing up and being mature, and having less fight and all, but what I mean to say here is that I need to see a brighter future for this relationship.. Next year is the right time to go for it, I guess :)..

4. A Healthy Bank Account

I MUST do a better saving than I did this year.. There’s no other way if I want to get all the things I put in my wish list.. That means less shopping more saving.. Wish me luck :)..

5. A Stable Job

Seriously, I need to find out what I really want to do with my life real soon.. Hopefully, that also means I can figure out what I want to do to make a living.. Time to find a stable job, then..

So, this is it, my new year resolutions.. What’s yours, guys? 🙂

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