Wish List ;)

These Are The Stuffs I Really Wish I Can Get Next Year (with the stories behind it).. Check them out:)

1. New Netbook

I love my netbook, Grover.. In a really big, passionate, compassionate way of loving.. And he’s been tough and unbeatable in the 2,5 years of our togetherness.. Never once he *yes, he’s a boy :p* let me down.. Never once I have a complaint about him .. But I’ve got to admit that he’s growing old.. And an electronic stuff in his age, well, will slowly lose its durability.. Problems will appear, like in Grover’s case, some of his keypads is now getting hard to press, and his battery is being crap now.. Reality bites, I need to let him go.. Not that I’ll sell him or throw him away, but I need to buy a new netbook so that Grover can get a rest :)..

2. Tablet PC

My boyfriend knows that I’ve wanted a tablet for a long time, and he even offered to buy me one.. But I said “no.” I want to buy it with my own money.. Or if he insists to buy me one, at least we should share money to buy it.. Hehehe.. My new netbook *going back to wish list number 1* will stay at home, and my tablet will follow me to work.. Hehehehe..

3. I don’t know how to say “kos-kosan” in English, so is it safe to just call it “a shared house”?

I’ve been dreaming to have a room of my own, and it looks like it won’t happen anytime soon in my parents’ house since I should share with my sister and my family own a lot of stuffs, so I decided to look for a shared house.. I’m growing up and craving for privacy, beibiii!!!

4. A Holiday Outside Jakarta

To Bandung, Jogja, or Solo, maybe? That will be fun.. Me going alone or boyfriend giving me company.. Hihihi…

Alright, next year will be tough for my pocket, but I’m sooooo ready!! šŸ™‚ Wish me luck..

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