Another One :)..

1. What do you think of the most when
you are alone?
* It varies from money to family, from foods to boyfriend

2. When it is a rainy night, what do
you do most of the time?
* Sleeping.

3. When was the last time you were out?
* Out for fun? Last Sunday,doing ‘fun’ stuff with my boyfriend :p

4. What do you do when you see a full moon?
* Nothing.

5. Would you rather swim in the lake
or dive in the ocean?
* Can’t do both

6.What would be the best partner of a
good cup of coffee?
* Internet in the morning, a friend to talk to at night.

7. If you’ll ask yourself a question
now, what would it be??
* What kind of mess u’r putting urself into?!

8. If certain things in your life will
fall apart, what will you do?
* Start executing Plan B..

9. Favorite month/s?
* March, May, August, and months with holidays

10. When your friends forget you,
what will you do?
* Eh, big deal. Go buy another one.

11. Do you talk to yourself?
* Sometimes, just not out loud.

12. Is there anything that you are
craving for right now?
* A better job maybe.

13. I or you?
* I… *i’m egocentric :D*

14. Ever cried for something stupid?
* Somehow I always feel stupid when I cry.

15. Do you like anime?
* Ew, big no no.

16. How about Japanese music?
* Ew ew, double big no no.

17. Your definition of sexy?
* In a guy, smart brain, glasses, black shirts, nice jokes.

18. Do you think you’re sexy?
* There was a time :p

19 . First thing you do after watching a movie?
* Discuss it with my watching partner.

20. Do you know how to wash the dishes?
* Absolutely.

21. Can you last two days without a bath?
* Hell no.. I’m a clean-freak sometimes.

22. Most common words in your house.
* “Gilingan”.

23. The last lie you told your parents?
* Hehehe,i’m not gonna tell it in a public sphere..

24 . Still go to the mall with your parents?
* Oh yeah! Like me, my mom is a mallrat.

25. Are you brand conscious?
* Sometimes, yeah.. Most of the times, no..

26. Ever fell in-love?
* Of course.. Am now..

27. What time is it?
* Almost lunch time..

28. where are you?
* My own room at office… Alone in reality, but surrounded by friends in virtual world 🙂

29. Is it in you to kill someone?
* Next question, please..

30. Daydream a lot?
* I guess I used to…

31. Happy with your life?
* As happy as I can be…

32. The saddest movie you’ve watched?
* Titanic and Up…

33. The bitchiest person you know?
* My director…

34. The dumbest person you know?
* Sometimes, it’s also him…

35. What do you hate about urself?
* My stubborn head,and my shallow mind…


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