And Another One…

1. If you could push one person off a
mountain, who would it be?
My boss at office

2. Where did you get the shirt you’re wearing?
It’s my mom’s.

3. Do you still have clothes that
belong to your ex?

4. Do you get attached to people
Really, really not.

5. Have you ever been to California?
Sadly, not yet.

6. Do you like roller coasters?
NO..takut ketinggian boo…

7. Have you ever cut class?
Of course, I was young once, you know.

8. What’s your tv series ?
GREY’S ANATOMY, of course :).

9. How many times have you been in love?
once :)…

10. Do you have any pets?
Sadly, I currently don’t.

11. Do you curse a lot?
Haha,hell yeah.

12. What is the first thing you do
when you wake up?
Stretching my body.

13. What’s your favourite season?
Festive season. There used to be a holiday season, but we’re
now in the so-called work world..sadly..

14. Have you been on a date in the last 2 weeks?

15. Are chuck norris jokes funny?

16. What’s your favorite food?
Mom’s cookings…

17. What’s the last movie you
saw in the theater?
Forget…Been a long time since I went to the cinema…

18. Can you live without the computer?
I don’t think so.

19. Do you hide your emotions?
Most of the time…

20. What is your favorite movie?

21. Do you like chick flicks?
Some of them, yeah.

22. When was the last time you got flowers?
Never got one…

23. Who was the last person you were in a movie with?

24. Best kind of pizza?
I’m not into pizza..

25. Would you take care of your friends
while they’re sick?
Yes I would, if they ever come to me. Haha.

26. What was the last CD you purchased?

27. When was the last time you dyed
your hair?
I never.

29. Do you want to be in a relationship?
I am in one. Now I want a bestfriendship, please.

30. Have you ever watched a movie drunk?
I never gets drunk…

31. Do you wish at 11:11?
No. I either work, or sleep at that time.

32. Do you have any piercings?

33. Last person you hugged?
My Gntong…

34. Where is the weirdest place you have slept?
Weird? Never, I guess. I’m a picky sleeper.

35. What are you wearing on your feet?
My damn-they’re-so-comfortable flat shoes…

36. Who was the last person you laid
in bed with?
No one…

37. What is your natural hair color?
Black, thank dear Lord. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

38. How many people have you texted today?

39. Who was your last comment from?
Can’t think of any answer…

40. What is your current conversation about?
With old friends from college… You know, catching up..

41. Do you have a crush on somebody?
On Furqaan :)… I always do…

42. Where did you spend your evening 2 days ago?
My bedroom…


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