A good reminder to Friendster’s Bulletin Board :)

To accompany me in this beautiful day.
The rule is to answer everything with a word beginning with your name’s first letter.

1. What is your name: Celly
2. A four Letter Word: Crap
3. A boy’s Name: Catra
4. A girl’s Name: Crasnaya
5. An occupation: Craver for good foods
6. A color: Calm colors..any kind of
7. Something you wear: Clothes
8. An author: Coelho, Paulo?
9. Something you eat: Chocolate
10. Something found in the bathroom: Clothes
11. A place: Curug..*dammit,I said it :D*
12. A reason for being late: Crappy nite
13. Something you shout: CRAP!!
14. A movie title: Cars
15. Something you drink: Coffee
16. A musical group: (The) Carpenter..*seriously,i cant think of any other names*
17. An animal: Cat
18. A street name: Curugan
19. A type of car: City car
20. The title of a song: Can’t take my eyes off u


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