A Festive Season…

It’s a festive season, everyone.. With Christmas is on the corner,and New Year is soon to come… Last years, and past years before that, I woulda been getting myself busy by doing all the crazy holiday shopping.. Fatten myself by eating unhealthy snacks, while leyeh-leyeh on my bed watching TV.. But this year, around this time, I’m busy cleaning up the mess I’ve been putting myself into, finishing the works that haven’t been done, and preparing myself to be jobless since I’m planning to resign from this company by the end of this month..

So yeah, I started this year by getting a new job, and I’ll end it jobless.. How funny life can be sometimes, right.. Hehehe.. But, screw it, because this is what I’ve been longing lately.. While the world and the people on it are moving, I’m busy watching, so I guess it’s time for me to move on :).. My life is being stuck and boring, and I don’t want it to like that no more.. So yeah, here I am now, instead of thinking about what gifts I should give to my family in this holiday season, I’m busy browsing the internet for job opportunities..

Yet, still life is beautiful no matter what.. And I can smell brighter new days waiting for me.. Deep breath, everyone, and enjoy holiday :)..


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