This Is Why I Hate Being Sloppy..

One thing I’ve always avoided for my whole life is being sloppy, careless, whatever it is called.. Because when your’re being sloppy, it will usually be followed by a series of unfortunate situation, at least that is how it works for me..

That’s why I always double, even triple-checked everything I’ve done.. I’m not a spontaneous person.. Instead, I’m more of a stick-with-the-plan type of person.. I like to do everything by order to avoid even one single little mistake..

So imagine how upset I was when last night one of my friend texted me (I missed his phone calls because I was already asleep) and told me that I’d posted the text that I translated on the other day to one website on the internet when this text was supposed to be confidential.. He also told that the client that gave him this translation project was pissed and asked me to delete my post asap..

I read the SMS, in the middle of the night, and I was like “What the heck??” There’s no way on earth I’d do such a stupid thing.. I know that posting someone’s piece of work in the public place like an internet, without a permit from the author, is a violation of an intellectual right.. As well-educated person, I’m fully aware of that.. I’ve never even quoted someone’s work without giving him/her a credit when I did paper/assignments on my college time..

So yeah, the SMS got me fully awake, and I kept thinking :What have I done?”, and the reality strikes me.. I DID post a writing on one website on last Sunday.. I did it because I want to download one document from that website, and it required me to upload something first before download something from there.. So I right away picked one document in my laptop and uploaded there.. And the document I picked was THE TRANSLATION PROJECT..OMG!!

Arrgghh, I can’t stop thinking how could I do a mistake like this.. It’s like I did unconsciously.. It isn’t the typical me to be sloppy like that.. And now after I delete the post, I’m afraid of the consequences, because I know that publishing someone’s work without permission is strictly prohibited.. So yeah, I’m crossing my fingers, hoping that the writer isn’t really pissed at me and ask me to “pay” for my mistake..


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