Crossing Fingers..

Yes, I’m wishing for luck now.. I applied for a new job.. Well, I made applications to several companies is what I did.. One of them has invited me for tests, and now I’m waiting for the result..

I don’t know.. I love my current workplace, but I’m longing to go.. It’s just that I feel that I’m not developing myself the way I need to in this place.. And the salary sucks, the boss sucks, the “people inside the circle” sucks, and these all make a crappy condition..

Gntong suggested me to stay in, and he’ been helping me in every possible way that he could.. Still, I feel the urge to change my life.. I’m in the point where I need to make a new starting point and start over with my life.. So boyfriend supports me like crazy.. Now, all I gotta do is waiting for fate to play the role :)..


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