Changing A Habit

A couple of weeks ago I went to an acupuncture clinic.. This clinic offers several services, like acupuncture, chinese massage, and beauty skin care. I initially aimed to go to the skincare clinic near the acupuncture clinic in order to get a facial care, but since the bapak-bapak who does the acupuncture also offers a massage service, Gntong decided to give it a try..

It turned out that the man can “read” us.. I never know the right term to define an ability like this.. Gntong said it can be learned.. He told us what kind of people we are.. He reads our habits, way of living, symptoms, characters, and many more.. Most of the things he said about me are true.. It may work on other patients too, I guess..

To be brief, he revealed that I got a sinusitis.. He said that this illness is the source of all the negative energies I have in me.. He told me to give up on spicy foods, chocolate, and ice in order to get better.. Huhuhu, I love them all.. So the last couple of weeks have been a struggle for me.. But I’m fortunate I have Gntong as my better half.. He gives all those things too when he’s with me.. Thankie mucho, hon :*..

Anyway, the old man also said that I had a bad eating habit.. I chewed too fast, while I should have been done 30 chews before swallowing my foods.. This habit made my body absorbing nutrients improperly.. What worse is that somehow in my unconscious mind I always feared of getting fat (although I’m considerably slim now), so I didn’t give my body the amount of foods it actually needs.. Hiks..

Changing a habit is never easy.. So yeah, for me it’s a struggle too.. But Gntong has always been my brick wall.. He’s a solid rock.. He always remind me about how important it is to change my habit of eating.. So, to live a better, healthier life, I think I mustn’t give up so easily, and do it one step at a time :)..


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