About Eating Habit :p..

Okay, I know that this is my third post of the day, which makes it look like I’m floating my blog.. But, whatever, I’ve been abandoning this blog for a while now, due to my crappy workload, so now that I have the time, I want to write as much as possible.. Hehehe..

Now, I wanna talk about how yesterday I had lunch with my boyfriend in a restaurant in Depok.. Well, it’s basically just a usual lunch, yet it reminded us about something.. For those who hadn’t known, my boyfriend is going on a diet.. Not that he’s following a diet program whatsoever, but he is rearranging his way of eating.. I guess the wanna get back in shape :p.. He’s been gaining weight, and it doesn’t do him any good :p..

So anyway, he reduces the amount of foods (carbo in particular) he eats, and that includes rice.. Yesterday, we ordered a portion of ayam bakar, sayur kangkung and white rice.. People may think that we’re an economical couple (does this term even exist??), but we prefer calling it minimalis :D.. Gntong said it was both healthy and cheap :D..

And our memory went back to college time.. When we went out to eat, we used to order for one person, then divided it into two. We did it because the portion of restaurant foods were always too much for my tummy to handle.. If we ordered for two, I would not be able to finish eating, so my boyfriend always had to finish my leftovers because he considered it rude to leave the foods not eaten.. Silly, I know :p.. Our friends liked to joke about it also..

And yesterday, doing this again somehow brought back and old memory.. Funny and silly, yet memorable at the same time.. We laughed all the way through the lunch 🙂 :*..

Note: WP uploader is being crap.. I can’t upload the pics of the foods we ate yesterday..


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