Heelllooo… How’s life, everybody? Mine is good.. Won’t say great, since some of my days lately had been suck.. Hehe.. You know, growing up, facing real life (and life can be really not nice sometimes), relationship sucks, gaining weights, having pimples (okay, the last two are irrelevant ;p).. Briefly, nothing nice enough to be written on blog..

However, today I did something nice.. I actually intended do to it for my boyfriend, who has been busy like hell recently.. To be honest, our relationship has gone through storm for the last couple of week, so I started feeling I’m loosing him.. And two days ago, we had a fight.. A serious problem, if you ask me.. So yesterday I “punished” him by talking cynically to him on my texts.. However, it didn’t sweep away my anger, my madness, and my bad mood, which led me to the conclusion that I should stop my stupidity..

This morning, I decided to move my ass from my bad, going early in the morning to his office.. I stopped by in Kober to buy him lunch, then I planned to surprise him by suddenly appear in his office.. Hihi.. Of course, I ascertained first that he would be at his office by the time I came.. Hehe.. And yes, I successfully surprise him.. I know, he might think that there’s no way in a zillion time his spoiled girlfriend would come along the way, to the place that isn’t familiar for her, alone.. Haha, yes, take that, honey.. I’m a big girl..

However, we made up.. I apologized for exaggerating his mistake, and he apologized for being a terrible boyfriend lately.. And I’m happy for it.. I’m happy for us.. And most importantly, I’m happy for myself, for finally realizing that your people are what matter, and that sometimes we have to think about other people :).. So yeah, though I’m extremely tired today, I still smile from my liver.. Haha..

~Anyway, I wrote this post in OpenOffice.. Finally gave it a try.. Still learning :)..~



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