Giving Presents…

I have a young cousin, named Donny.. He’s a 10-year-old boy who was just circumcised about 2 weeks ago.. When I heard that he was going to be circumcised, I told my boyfriends about it.. He suggested we gave Donny a present to celebrate this special event.. Remembering that it took almost 2 years for my young cousin before he finally had courage to have his “thing” cut, I agreed to buy him a present.. So, my boyfriend and I went to a bookstore and bought him a school bag, and a pen case..

When he accepted my present, he was really happy (though his face told he really was in a lot of pain ;p), and he said “makasih ya, Mbak Ly”.. Donny’s best friend, Imam, whom my family has been familiar with, did also get circumcised at that time.. He’s a skinny little boy, whose face will get your sympathy the minute you see him for the very first time.. His mother left him 2 weeks after giving birth to him, and his father worked as a TKI, leaving this poor little boy to live with his uncle.. My mom decided to give Imam a present, also, to celebrate his being circumcised.. She gave me money and asked me to buy a school bag for him.. I bought him just a simple, casual bag, and it’s not too expensive..

That was on a school holiday, so I didn’t expect to see them wear those bags until at least a week later.. In the first day of school, my mom told me that Donny went to school wearing the bag I gave him as a present.. Without my mom knowing it, I smiled.. I didn’t know why I did, yet I smiled.. I guess I was just happy.. I love giving people a present.. I think it’s one of the ways to show people that I love that I care about them.. I love give my boyfriend a birthday present. I love giving my sister a birthday present, I love giving my mom and dad a birthday present (although my present are basically just a cheap t-shirt, and a piggy doll ;p)..

Today, Imam came to my house to play with Donny.. They just came home from school, so they still wore their school uniforms.. And I saw Imam wore the bag my mom gave him.. I couldn’t help but smiling, only to see him wearing that black, cheap bag.. I know it’s not actually MY present since my mom whose money was used to buy it, but still, I’m the one who went to the store and chose the bag.. It’s okay if I say it’s half my present, right ;p? And here, in my room, looking at Imam through the window of my bedroom, my heart was filled with an unexplainable feeling..

All of a sudden, I realized why I love giving people a present: because I love the way it feels when I see those people use or wear the presents I give to them.. I feel appreciated, and I love that feeling.. No matter how expensive or how cheap my presents are, the feeling remains the same.. That feeling makes me continue buying my family and my boyfriend a present on their special day -even after I don’t make cash on my own anymore, although that means I need to save much more money, and that I can only spend a little amount of the monthly money my parents give me..

I remembered, last week I bought my boyfriend a new wallet.. His old wallet has become really ugly, and I don’t think it’s worth keeping anymore.. Hehehe.. Yes, I have to save more money after that, but seeing him happy to get my present, hearing him say “makasih ya”, seeing him it using the wallet, it’s all worth it.. The feeling of being appreciated by the people you love, nothing beats it :).. This makes my day..


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