5 months before my second graduation, suddenly I am thinking about many thinks in mind.. I am thinking about getting a job, I’m thinking about earning lots of money, I’m thinking about smart-spending, I’m thinking about saving salary, I’m thinking about building a family (hehe..)..But what I really really really want to do is going back to school..

I’m planning to take a master degree in the next 5 years.. I hope by the time I would have already settled in marriage as well in my job, and I hope I would have saved enough money for my tuition fees.. Moreover, I hope I can go back to school with my (future) husband.. Anyway, let’s keep the hope and try to make it happen..

Meanwhile in the short time, I’ve planned to take a foreign language course.. I’m considering Deutsch, or Portuguese, maybe.. I haven’t made a decision yet, but yeah, I am really into studying foreign languages.. I’m planning to take at least 2 foreign languages classes for the next 5 years..

Yeah, I’m planning damn much things right now.. But planning something always makes me feel alive.. Hehe.. I love every single moments of doing it.. Having targets is what makes me me 🙂..

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