Addie’s Back!!!!

Addie’s back!! My first laptop is back!! My first child is resurrected.. Hahahaha.. Okay, I know I sound like a freak, but I should admit that I’m so happy rite now..

Addie is my first laptop.. My boyfriend and I bought her 2 years ago.. She’d been sick for months.. A half and a month ago we took her to Acer Hospital in Ratu Plaza, and the CSO told us our baby needed to be flown to Taiwan to get a hospice.. So yeah, she flied, and we were here waiting for her to get fine.. Hiks, it’s like seeing your dying toddler, waiting for her to get better ;(..

So anyway, last afternoon my boyfriend texted me telling that Addie’s flown back to Jakarta, totally fine.. Huahahahahaha… This news is extremely so awesome that I wanted to cry hearing it..I miss Addie.. Hearing that she’s now fine is like the best thing that has ever happened to me in last couple of months :)..

Can’t stop smiling since getting the news.. Cheers :)..

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