For You.. Yes, You ;)..

We love each other even when we hate each other..

You know I still love you when you’re being a jerk..

I know you still love me when I’m acting crazy..

Every relationship is a hard work, but ours is a super struggle..

We’re two complicated, gambling in a building a complex relationship..

I know I can’t be tough every minute of every day; you told me so..

I know for you failures are just parts of life..

But I can’t fail this relationship..

I know you’re the right one, you know I’m the right one..

We are not quitters..

We don’t quit..

Even if you yell, even if I yell..

We don’t quit..

We’re fighters..

Fighting for this relationship can be painful sometimes..

But you’re worth it, I’m worth it, we’re worth it..

BruanGntong 😉

11/05/10 – 16.37


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