Committing suicide “just” because you failed the national exam?! Seriously?!? I mean, what kind of crap is that?! Is not passing the UN means you can be a quitter? Is not passing the UN giving you the right to hurt your family (especially your parents) even more? I failing the UN means you can be a coward?

Sorry, I have no pity to the high schoolers who failed their UNs.. I passed my UN with excellent grades, making it to be one of the top three students who got highest scores in the UN in my school.. I didn’t study for UN several months before that.. I have studied for it since the very first time I started my high school period.. I didn’t study for UN.. I studied for my future..So, forgive me for not being understanding to all the students who spent their time fearing the UN.. Fearing it doesn’t make you pass it..

I studied hard, I worked hard, I learned from my mistakes, and I was focus.. The news has it that many smart students failed the UN.. Sorry, I don’t get it either.. Being smart means you should be more prepared, to every situation..

For me, commiting suicide means you’re a coward.. You might be ashamed for failing the UN.. However, the right thing to do is to stand up once again, and prove that yo’re not a failure.. Sucidal is for quitters.. You quit the reality, you quit your problem, you quit your life.. So, shame on you.. 

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