New Haircut

I used to have a very long hair.. A thick, beautiful long hair, for sure.. Hehehe.. As a little girl, I used to be the one who has the longest hair in the elementary school..Time goes by, I grew up boyish, so I decided to get my hair cut.. Really short, indeed.. When I went to senior high, I let my hair grew again.. For 3 years of senior high, I spent my mornings to take care of my hair.. I wanted it to look good ;p.. However, college time came.. There were more burdens, more responsibilities, more things to handle.. having a long hair seemed like not practical for me.. And worse, I got a terrible hair-loss.. Year by year, it’s getting worse and worse.. Maybe I didn’t get much nutrition for my hair.. I lose 10-12 kilo of my weight during college years, so it may affect my hair as well.. Hehehe..

I couldn’t bear this hair loss any longer that I decided, once again, to get it cut really short.. Okay, I also blamed Rihanna for inspiring me.. Hehehe.. It’s been a year for me to have a short hair.. My boyfriend said it looked good on me.. My boy friends said it suited me perfectly since they saw me as a boy all the time.. Grr.. However, I still want to grow my hair.. It’s just that the hair-loss is unbearable anymore.. I used hair tonic but it didn’t work much.. What should I do?

First year of college

Second year of college

Third year of college

Last year of college

This is me now

See? It’s getting shorter and shorter each year.. Miss my long hair, honestly ;(..

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