Hello again, Dear Blog

Okay, I know I have been abandoning this blog for, hmm, a century, maybe, but I have decided to go back to WordPress instead of continuing blogging in Multiply..There are less and less fun in Multiply lately.. Many people who I know were blogging there have not updated or posted interesting things for a really long time..  The reason I was blogging there in the first place was that I knew that some of my friends, and my lecturers were there too, so I like to read what they thought and wrote there..  Anyway, Multiply is getting more and more crowded with people selling their things there (read:online shop),  let alone the Facebook fever and Twitter phenomenon.. Aaahh, I’m sick of this.. I’m not interested in microblogging.. So here I am, trying to be “a real blogger”, going back to this site :)..


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