Who is (are) ur greatest inspirations??

Hey,,there..actually,this post is inspired by my previous post which told a bit about my boyfriend who is always being my inspiration (he says that im an inspiration for him,also..hehe..)..thus,,I wanna continue talking about who else inspire me that much..im sure that u all have one (and maybe more) to..so,,here we go..

God Almighty

I always have a tendency to call it Tuhan,not Allah..i dunno why,,it’s just that saying the name of my God giving me more sensation..maybe Im a terrible sinner so that saying Allah is like,,,,hehe,,u know lah…anyway,,Allah is my first greatest inspiration..He (should I call it ‘he’,’she’,or ‘it??!) inspires me from the 1st time I could use my mind to think..seeing Allah’s creature always helps me to realize how amazingly amazing he is…my boyfriend said once that actually God gives us inspirations thru other people, but I believe that She herself can directly inspire us in unpredictable ways..whenever I fall down,,a little conversation with Her (I decided to call God ‘She’..it’s just a part of my feminist side,I guess..hehe) can immediately recharge me,,give me more spirit..My family isn’t really religious,,and they raised me not in a religious environment,yet I always have my faith..i don’t read Quran as often as when I was in my school periods,,but Im always certain that reading Her verses is a number one healer…

My Incredible Mom

Now we go to the next one….yes,,it’s my mom..my mom always inspires me in ways that she herself never thought that she does…The way she lives her life is incredible..She is a kinda woman that any child will ask to be her/his mom….She is on the top of my ‘most-trustworthy people’ list..i tell her everything about my life -without some parts about my relationship,,honestly..hehe.. she is my first teacher..she had taught me to be a feminist without even mentioning the word…I always know that one day,,when I have my own child,,she will be my role model in raising a childJ…..and one thing,,she’s the one that ‘introduced’ me several figures that then be my other inspirations..from Hillary Clinton to Benazir Bhutto..from Kennedy to Mahatma Gandhi..u just name it…whwn I was still a little girl,,she gave me a large exposure to what happened in this world by allowing me to read newspapers that I didn’t understand at that time and watching news in television telling about what world leaders did, which would actually bring me to my biggest passion,,politics.so,,I thank her for that…

My Magnificent Boyfriend

I only have three most inspirational people,,so he is the last one…sorry hon,,I may be the first inspirational person for u,,but u’r beaten..hehe..hmm,,my boyfriend may be one of the smartests guy I’eve ever known..he has a very wide horizon..he knows plenty of things..every single day I spend with him is like a school of life, for he taught me lots of nu thing,,either directly or indirectly…i always have best conversations with him,,be it about happiness,,sadness,,worries,,dreams,,basically everything..we like to have a long time arguing or debating something,,and what I admire the most from him is that he never shows any emotion when giving argument..on the contrary,,I always do everything emotionally,,so he likes to calm me down..i can say that whenever I have a conversations with him is a moment of contemplation,,and I thank him for that,,and for being in my life…


2 thoughts on “Who is (are) ur greatest inspirations??

  1. Am I that inspirational? Oh, thank you… I know I always be inspiration for anybody… huahahahahaha….

    For me, just call Allah whatever pronoun we want since Allah is not male nor female….

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