No Title…

I actually dont have any idea about what i should write…it’s just me being alone in the warnet and thinking that i better write something…hehehe…hmm,,yesterday was my another day of contemplation….thanx to my boyfriend for always being my inspiration..even our conflicts always give me something to learn…hehe..

im just questioning why it is always difficult (at least for me) to enter someone else’s boyfriend and i had already had completety nu world long be4 we met..being in a relationship means that i need to get adapted with his world,,and vice me,,adaptation is never’s even painful sometimes..hehe..i disagree with him in lots of thing..and he argues me in many other things..however,,luv needs something to give..i try to understand him,,and he does the same thing..

the problem is that i still keep my own value,,and so does matter how hard i try,,it’s kinda boring sometime to join him doing his favorite activities,,to see him doing what he is into,,to accompany him doing things that i am not really interested that wrong??i mean,,if i know that he enjoys doing things that he likes,,why cant i just showing at least a little interest in the same things..why cany i show to him that im bored??!!doesnt it hurt him to see me not showing any interest to things that he considers his passions??

i dunno,,whenever i dislike something,,my face betrays me and show it to the world..maybe like what he always says,,im too transparent..haha..

anyway,,i know that i’ve tried,,and im still trying to be a gud and a better by day..i hope that he can see it..i do it not only becoz i want our relationship to run well,,but also becoz luv him..deeply..and i want to luv what he luvs…

One thought on “No Title…

  1. Aih… Jadi malu eke… wekekekekek…u dont have 2 try that hard, hon… sorry for being selfish sometimes…:)

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